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Inna on the Issues


Defending Law Enforcement

New York City has not only failed to respond to the spike in crime and violence seen across our city, but in many ways our Mayor and City Council are directly responsible for it. According to the NYPD, in the year 2020 alone, New York City recorded 447 homicides- a 41 percent increase over 2019, and 462 murders, up nearly 45% from 319 in 2019. Hundreds of inmates have recently been released from Rikers Island and harmful bail reform laws were passed, allowing perpetrators to commit serious offenses with impunity. Our police officers have received no backing and get blamed for any conflict with arrestees before any facts are revealed. If a criminal is arrested, that individual is almost always let out without bail and often times not prosecuted. The message to our law-abiding citizens is clear: 'our current leadership is siding with criminals over hard working families.' As elected officials have turned their backs on our police officers, Inna will not be afraid to stand in support of our law enforcement. She staunchly stands against defunding the police, who have been a target for violence and constant media vilification. Inna will fight to refund the NYPD with all the cuts it suffered. 'Defend the police, don't defund it.'


Homeless Shelters

Inna stands firmly against the homeless shelters being built across our district. While the struggling population must be helped with compassion and dignity, it cannot be accomplished by hurting our children and neighbors in the process. Instead, Inna believes that homeless shelters should be located near government buildings, such as those where Inna attends court, so that our property values are not negatively impacted and our children are kept safe.


Fighting to Restore Merit-Based Education

Inna will fight to restore merit-based testing and admissions to specialized programs and support a safe and speedy re-opening of our schools. Government officials abolished the system of meritocracy under the guise of “diversity,” alleging that the current system is discriminatory. As a result of eliminating these programs, no children benefit. Inna believes that instead of hurting the children who already excel, the way forward is to empower and encourage children from low-income families and minority communities to succeed. Inna supports a quality education system where children are trained and prepared for a competitive learning environment and are taught to value hard work while being given opportunities.


Supporting Small Businesses

As a small business owner, Inna has experienced the many challenges and concerns faced by businesses throughout Brooklyn. The COVID-19 pandemic has hurt small businesses most. While billion-dollar corporations are seeing record-breaking profits, small businesses face nonsensical and burdensome regulations. This pandemic has been used by the politically connected multi-billion-dollar corporations to engage in the biggest transfer of wealth in history - from middle class small business owners to billionaires. Inna is committed to empowering small businesses in Brooklyn and ensuring that local policies work for, and not against you. She will fight for reforms that make sense in the light of the pandemic, and against politicians who seek to enrich their billionaire friends by ‘never letting a crisis go to waste.'


Prioritizing Sanitation

With our residents living in close proximity, the need for consistent and reliable sanitation is of considerable importance. Despite its significance, local government officials have recently cut the sanitation department’s budget by $106MM during the COVID-19 pandemic, leaving many Brooklynites with trash filling their streets and their homes. Inna understands the frustrations about the lack of reliability and inconsistency in sanitation services, as Brooklyn residents rely on them for overall health and safety standards as well as consistent trash pick-ups. As our Brooklyn communities grow, Inna is committed to ensuring that the residents of Brooklyn have reliable sanitation services, maintaining a clean, healthy, and safe Brooklyn.


Fighting Antisemitism and Discrimination

Working side by side with former Assemblyman Dov Hikind, Inna has been passionately active in the fight against Antisemitism and discrimination. Inna believes that we are living through a tumultuous time when hate and intolerance often turn to violence. As someone who has been at the forefront of the fight against hate both by speaking out and engaging in self-defense training, Inna will be a loud voice. As a candidate for a diverse Brooklyn district, Inna believes that discrimination should not be tolerated and everyone deserves equal protection under the law, regardless of their race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, or disability.

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