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The New Refuseniks

By Izabella Tabarovsky | The Tablet | June 20, 2021

The New Refuseniks

"Inna Vernikov, an immigrant from Chernivtsi, Ukraine, took up leadership of the Americans Against Antisemitism’s millennial-women-focused Women’s Committee. She is now running for the New York City Council. She criticizes Democrats’ failure to confront their colleagues’ antisemitic rhetoric and argues that the party promotes 'exactly what we ran from—a place where speech was censored, where we were not allowed to practice religion, where we didn’t have freedom or economic opportunity.'"

Fed up With Socialism and Anti-Semitism, Jewish Attorney Seeks to Clean up New York City

By Heather Robinson | JNS | May 27, 2021

“Jews coming from the former Soviet Union are very familiar with communism and socialism, and many of us feel strongly that what today’s Democratic Party is promoting is exactly what we ran from—a place where speech was censored, where we were not allowed to practice religion, where we didn’t have freedom or economic opportunity.”



Иммигрантка из Украины баллотируется в городской совет Нью-Йорка: что о ней известно / About Inna

Ольга Деркач / By Olga Derkach | New York Forum Daily | March 3, 2021

"Я делаю это, чтобы бороться за наш город и за ваши семьи. Чтобы сохранить ценности и свободы, которыми мы все дорожим как американцы», – добавила Верников."

“I am doing this to fight for our city and for your families. To preserve the values ​​and freedoms that we all cherish as Americans,” added Vernikov.

NYC Principal Apologizes for Anti-Israel Email to Staff After Blowback


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Public School Principal Forced to Apologize After Pro-Palestinian Email



NYC Principal Under Fire for Email Imploring Staff to Support Palestinians

By Doree Lewak, Georgett Roberts and Bruce Golding | May 21, 2021 at 5:40 pm | NY Post

"Lawyer Inna Vernikov — a former staffer for then-Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn), an outspoken supporter of Israel — also sent a letter to the DOE calling for Bueno to be reprimanded."


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Inna Vernikov Is Sole Republican in Crowded Field for 48th City Council District

By Reuvain Borchardt | Tuesday, May 11, 2021 at 6:29 pm | כ"ט אייר תשפ"א

“I think that Mayor de Blasio has almost singlehandedly destroyed our city, and he is partially the reason I chose to run for office,” Vernikov tells Hamodia in an interview. “Look at what was going on last summer — with crime, with allowing looters to loot property without consequences, with fanning the flames of racism, and turning his back on police.

“The city needs to re-fund the police.”


Press Releases


Sen. Marty Golden Endorses Inna Vernikov For City Council

Senator Golden stated, “Inna Vernikov is the right candidate for this time to represent this district, and I am proud to endorse her for the 48th Council District."

Immunity For Me, Not For Thee

“In 1982, the Supreme Court ruled that federal government officials are entitled to qualified immunity.”


Cages & COVID Take A Backseat To Biden’s Campaign Needs

“For over a year, Americans have not been allowed to go to work, travel, or bury their parents for the fear of spreading COVID, but President Biden believes opening the borders is too important for a global pandemic to get in the way.”


Vernikov: Anti-Asian Murders Prove Need For Cops, Bail, Strict Sentencing

“Inna Vernikov says the anti-Asian mass murder in Atlanta proves the need to support our police and to be tough on criminals.”


Local Council Candidates On The Brighton/Sheepshead Homeless Shelter

“We must be compassionate to the homeless, but we must also be compassionate to the middle class homeowners trying to pay off their mortgage.”


Democrats Embrace Social Justice, Reject Middle Class at a Homeless Shelter Rally

“The only candidate at the rally who spoke of concern for all the people was Republican Inna Vernikov. ‘Of course the homeless need to be dealt with compassion and care, but we cannot accomplish helping the struggling while hurting our children and our neighborhoods.’”


Republican Officially Declares For Council District 48

Inna Vernikov, 36, a successful matrimonial and immigration attorney, announced her candidacy for the 48th District of the New York City Council.

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